Sunday, September 16, 2007

you have to shift to get a period in france

this post is merely to let people know they can call off the search party and to aanounce my somewhat successful arrival in paris. despite the fact that i have numerous updates including: one footed pidgeons, a double dose of public vomitting (one self-induced), damaging our apartment on the first night and sharing gum with strangers on the metro I will just post my new address and telephone number so you can send me an assortment of treats! my restraint is due to (as you may have infered from the title) the logic-defying french keyboards.

rodney uhler is in paris:

rodney uhler
12 villa daumesnil
3ieme droite
75012 paris 12

calling me from usa:
011 33 68 47 85 91 2

from france:
06 84 78 59 12

i hope i can update soon, perhaps before i leave for stokholm and barcelona!

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