Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Films Never-made and Soon-to-be-Made

Thanks to a certain sibling, this will be making it’s way into my book collection; a collection which should just be called “I’m 20 going on 12” and thus this will fit in nicely. Don’t let the trendy retro cover fool you, this isn’t an original but the cover is made to replica the 1940’s original. I feel like this is one of those things that can change a simple over abundance of Roald Dahl books into the start of a “collection”. While die hard Dahl fans might turn there eleven year old noses up at me, I did find out a bit about this lost literature. It was Road Dahl’s first published book, written while he was still a pilot in the RAF (notice the strangely accurate title they give him on the cover). The book was in print for very short period of time and out of print for a long period of time. Walt Disney almost made the Gremlins into a film about creatures who lived in the clouds…but when Walt’s Percocet wore off and he came down from the clouds they realized an animated film centered on WWII was trendy and tired. Well, I’m actually dying for some good old war stories for the 1940s kid so I plan to cherish it like the bastard book it is.

In other news, my Intermediate Film Production class picked my screenplay as its favorite, in an oddly game-show-like manner. A good portion of the class pitched screenplays the first day of class and despite an email a few days before prepping us for such an event I had forgotten and thus had to think of a 5-7 minute film on the spot. That pitched turned into a 1st draft presented at the next class which went over incredibly well, well enough that I barely had to do a re-write. I say this not out of any sort of arrogance or gloating, actually I say it out of shock and surprise. Somehow I feel guilty, the same sort of unwarranted guilt I feel every time I successfully pass through an airport metal detector; as if somehow I cheated or plagiarized without myself knowing. Regardless I made it through the metal detector of my class on top and thus my little elevator story will be made into a short 16mm film. For this I’m extremely excited and grateful for. I will attempt to utilize technology and attach it to this blog entry somehow.

*edit: if someone can tell me how to attached a PDF film to this blog I could accomplish said task.


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